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Crypto Research Direct to You

Crypto Research Direct to You

The Flipside Crypto Data Science team delivering the best of crypto straight to you!

The Best Dashboards

Our data analytics teams curates the best crypto data with our signature EZ_* tables for 10+ blockchains and layer 2 roll-ups available using SQL for FREE.

Check out our trending dashboards to see what our community analysts have been up to.

The Coolest Apps

Our Data Science team develops R Shiny applications so you can interact with live data to understand our partners like Optimism and Thorchain. Want to attest to your use of on of Ethereum's best L2? Or maybe you want to brag about the hours (and gas) you've put into Ethereum?

The Deepest Research

Want to be on the cutting edge of Decentralized Finance? Heard of 'Concentrated Liquidity' but worried about Divergent Loss? Whether you're a liquidity provider or a crypto newbie, our deep dives come with reproducible code, real world examples, and interactive visuals to help you understand DeFi. Check out our Uni v2 Explainer - the from zero guide to the most popular AMM Design in all of DeFi.